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在Oracle中,从9i开始引入了spfile,也就是服务 器端初始化参数,有很多是可以支持在线修改的,也就是修改会马上生效,详细内容看下面的说明:

The ISSYS_MODIFIABLE column in V$PARAMETER tells us whether the parameters are static or dynamic. Static parameters require the instance to be restarted while dynamic parameters can take effect(生效) immediately upon(在…之后) being changed.

SQL> select distinct issys_modifiable from v$parameter;






If the ISSYS_MODIFIABLE value is set to FALSE for a parameter, it means that the parameter cannot change its value in the lifetime(一生) of the instance; the database needs to be restarted for changes to take effect(生效).

A parameter set to IMMEDATE value means that it is dynamic(动态的) and can be set to change the present(当前) active instance as well as future database restarts.

A parameter set to DEFERRED is also dynamic, but changes only affect(生效) subsequent(后来的) sessions, currently active sessions will not be affected and retain(保持) the old parameter value.

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  1. 是否可以人工干预issys_modifiable 的值,以致对应参数在何种情况下可以生效呢?

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